I’m Not Hearing It Anymore


10 RFT
5 Thruster 95/65
10 Pullups
200m Run


A) FS 3×3 (+2-5)

B) 3 RFR :45:15
Thruster (105/73)

C) 21-15-9
Sit to stand
Alt. DB snatch (55/40)
*8 minute cap*

D) 750m Row for time

An acquaintance on Facebook – a CrossFitter in another state — recently posted, “I have cellulite. Fix me!” I stared at the words “Fix Me” because from what I could tell about all areas of her life, she was far from broken. I commented, “My fix is called leggings and a shrug. We all have cellulite to some degree.” My comment floated among a sea of other comments, some similar to mine, but most had genuine advice on how to fix this woman’s cellulite. It made me sad.

And frankly, I’m sick of that kind of talk. I’m sick of women feeling embarrassed by their weight and looks and size and some dimples on their butt. We are not broken if we are not “perfect.” How is this the only thing we value about ourselves? Still! Even all these new slogan posters declaring strong is the new sexy, yet every woman is ripped beyond my work capacity or my genetics. They glisten. They’re wearing underwear practically! And it still places all of our value on our looks. Twig-skinny is now bad. But make sure you look like this perfectly tone, lean, tanned specimen. Not too bulky though! I’m sick of it all. And you know what? I’m fricking perfectly fine how I am. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I feel good. So, beat it. Do you know how kind I am? How hard I work? Do you know what I’ve survived? Do you know who I am deep down? Do you know that I’d take down a bear, tackle a car, beat all those slogan-poster girls for my daughters? Do you know I’d give you the tank top off my back if you forgot yours? Where’s that poster? And what about all the girls who are naturally skinny? Why must we shame them, too?

Do you notice that during many Olympic events they’ll show the male athletes’ height and weight, but they will only note heights for the women athletes? Not their weights. Is that to spare the women some perceived embarrassment? It would be nice to see the wide range of body types reflecting a wide range of body weights. It’d be nice for young female athletes to see it as well, instead of perpetuating a fear of any weight over some bullshit standard inflicted on us no matter our height or body type or athletic prowess. Are we still not allowed to talk about our weight if it’s over 125lbs? It’s lame. German athlete and gold medalist Natalie Geisenberger DOMINATES luge. She is a hero in Germany, and I’m guessing she weighs no less than 170lbs. But don’t show that! The horror!

I’m not suggesting we ditch fitness goals or even aesthetic goals. It’s just that we’re perfectly fine right now, while we work on things. Our value is no less even if we want to improve some things. Listen, it’s easy to say, “Love who you are!” I know it’s much more complicated than that when we still get so many signs telling us to stay embarrassed if we’re outside some made-up norm, whether it’s an old-fashioned standard or a brand-new fit girl standard. There are many days when I wish I felt comfortable ripping off my shirt during a workout – just for the badassness of it – yet I tell myself to wait until I have those perfect poster abs. That day may never come. And that’s ok.

I’m bucking the standard. Even when I know I’m fit and I look good, I’m bucking it. I value so many things about myself and my looks are not near the top of that list. I do not workout mainly to look good naked. There is nothing to fix. I don’t need CrossFit to take me from a 7 to a 10. Screw your 10. I’m not hearing it anymore.

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