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This is a guest blog post by Coach GC Cava.

One of my favorite phrases that I relay to almost every class I coach at the gym is “you’ve already won the day” by showing up, putting in work and expressing yourself through movement.  As coaches we’re constantly trying to improve our skills and learn about our craft so that we can have an impact on our students’ lives, whether that happens within the boundaries of your movement in the gym or your daily outlook, it all matters to us.  We’re just searching for some lasting positive impression on our students.  The concept that I try to challenge myself with on a daily basis is what particular impact I can have BEYOND sport and fitness, how many people can I get through to make a lasting difference in the community, that could IMPACT the world.  You all are winning but the world around us is not.

CrossFit LA is a small community of people led by amazing coaches that are leading the way in your fitness, but their hope is to incite positive change, and we all are coaching you with a broader perspective in mind.  People that walk through those doors are expecting a change in their health and fitness, but the return is much greater than those expectations.  You’ve just stepped into the realm of people WILLING themselves to something greater, they show up, they do the work, and if they’re intentions are aligned with commitment, they earn happiness.  CFLA staff is guiding the community to a higher standard of movement, a higher quality of fitness, a higher quality of lifestyle, so that you can all enjoy your families, friends, and enjoy all the hard work you put into your jobs.  We just want to help you be a better you, and by doing so, that makes us better as coaches and as a community.  I draw on all of your positive energy on the daily, I’m so thankful to be surrounded by so many quality individuals that I can look up to(literally and figuratively) and I’m hoping that I can continue to enhance that positivity, because it’s my way of inciting change in the world.  All the hate that’s perpetuated daily, all of the terrible things happening, I wish that we could directly affect those things, but it’s not possible to change everything, but we can change how we all move forward in a world that loves to hate so much.

Can we spread more positivity and love in our own worlds to IMPACT the surrounding world of hatred, because EVERYONE matters, and we can’t lose sight of that, we get so caught up in our own problems that we forget to smile or say thank you to those around us. Isn’t that the impact we should all aspire to achieve, to make sure everybody matters by loving more?!?!  You all want more for yourselves but if we bring everyone up along the way, won’t that impact your life and the world in a lasting way? You’re already changing for the better when you walk through the gym doors, look beyond the mirror, maybe we all can change the world together and maybe the world might start winning more.   If love wins than we should all win!

Wednesday’s Workout

“1/2 Glen”
15 Clean and jerks (135/95)
800m Run
5 Rope climbs (14’)
800m Run
50 Burpees

And Coming Thursday

A) 4 RFT
10 Strict chin ups
20 Plate Russian twists (45/25)
30 Air squats
–1min Rest between rounds–

B) FQL, working up across sets
7 sets
100m Sprint + 2 Overhead squats



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