The Importance of Free Play

Today’s Workout
4 rounds, for time:
15 Ring Rows
30 Squats
300m RunThe world has definitely changed since I was a kid. During the summers growing up, my mother would let my brother and I watch one TV show in the morning — we usually picked between Sesame Street and Electric Company. After that she kicked us out the front door and we weren’t allowed to come home until she rung the cowbell that hung from the porch. At night we were allowed to watch one hour of television, unless we wanted to watch the news. The news didn’t count against our hour. Then, we were sent off to bed by 8pm. All those hours in between? We played! We played on sports teams and I went to ballet, but we also just played whatever we wanted and ran around like little crazy people.

That’s hard to do in the modern world. I lived in a world where the biggest danger was falling in a creek or getting stepped on by a cow. According to a new study the lack of free play is causing harm to our kids, even possibly contributing to the rise of depression. So if you live in a city how do you help kids remember how to ‘play’? Well, I think CrossFit Kids is a great choice. There are a lot more freedoms within our class structure than there are in traditional sports, dance and martial arts. We ‘play’ with different exercises, games and skills constantly and we actively encourage the kids to speak their minds and think creatively.

I am pleased to announce, the CrossFit LA Kids program just keeps growing! Starting September 10th we will be holding Prodigy Classes (ages 13-17) on Saturdays. Classes are 60 minutes in length and start at 1:30pm. We will also continue to conduct our Tuesday 4pm classes.

If you have a teenager you would like to come try out a class, just let us know! Email us at

Isabella and Michall are a perfect example of the learning benefits derived from diverse age groups that the study talks about.

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