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When you are jumping up onto a box, are you nervous about the idea that your toe may catch on the edge, and then, when you do make it, it’s just by a hair? Or do you jump higher than the box and sort of float up above it and come down on top, in balance and ready for your next move? If you are in the former category, then you need some practice. Start with a box (no matter how small) on which you have confidence. Jump up on to it, using your arms to assist in your momentum, as if it were twice as tall as it is. Remember you are trying to come down on the box from above, and you want to be landing flat footed but with most of your weight in your heels – and in balance. One exercise you can do that might help is to attempt to land in this position as quietly as possible. Eliminate any noise coming from your feet when you land. This, and just practice, practice, practice.

Sean, floating up onto a 32″ box.

Today’s Workout
For time:
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of
Power Cleans; men – 115 lbs, women 75 lbs
Push Ups

Today is 35 burpees. Divide and conquor, but don’t give up!
Burpees to date – 630



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