In with the good

In with the good

After the last 6 weeks of holiday eating (big dinners and even bigger deserts; pieces of candy, chocolate, pie and cake; lots and lots and lots of starches, grains and carbs), what could be better than a 2 WEEK no sugar challenge. Yup… 2 weeks… can you make it? Check out our Sweet Cheeks blog for all the fun and non-decadant details here!

And if you want to read about Paleo eating like a cave man in New York City, check out The New Age Cavemen and the City from the New York Times yesterday.

Pete and Leslie dancin’ a little jig at the thought of no sugar!

Today’s Workout


– At the start of class, someone will randomly choose a card from the CFLA SmackDown deck.
– The card that is chosen corresponds to a workout – that is the class’ WOD.
– NO card is a “safe.”
– BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Downs!”



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