Private Training
$110/hour (On-site)

Monthly Class Memberships (12-month contract)
$295 (Unlimited)

$265 (3 classes/week)

$200 (2 classes/week)

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Group Class (GPP/CrossFit)
Group class is the centerpiece of the Oak Park experience, where our students and coaches come together as a community to connect, play, and grow. Each session is led by a passionate and highly-skilled Oak Park coach from start to finish. Each session is 60 minutes, and a typical session will include a detailed explanation of the workout, a thorough warm-up, opportunities to develop skills or strength, a workout, and a cool down. Our coaches work with each student to ensure that the workout of the day is appropriately tailored to each student’s individual needs, goals, and abilities.

The CrossFit methodology is the foundation of our group class training, but our model of contextual programming thoughtfully incorporates a variety of tools and methods to create a variety of experiences to continually challenge our students in fun and interesting ways. One day, students might be developing their capacity to control their bodies and move well as they practice static gymnastics holds, breath work, and balance drills. The next day, the workout might test the students’ work capacity with a challenging combination of weight lifting movements and running. On another day, the workout might be structured to provide students the opportunity to develop perseverance and the mindset of turning impossibilities into possibilities . . . and there is a good chance that a friendly game of dodgeball or an impromptu dance session breaks out on any one of these days.


Yoga-ish is an hour-long, slow-flow class designed to create more space in our bodies to gain more flexibility and to recover better. Yoga-ish is for anyone who thinks yoga is not for them. It’s also for anyone who believes that yoga is probably a good idea within the big-picture of health and fitness. There is no flexibility requirement for Yoga-ish. There is nothing that requires you to be good at connecting breath with movement. You don’t have to have a “still mind.” We’ll work on all those things in class, meeting you wherever you are. You’ll be encouraged to use lots of props and simply to do the best you can. Hopefully you’ll leave thinking, “I should have started yoga years ago.” See you Mondays at


We recognize running as 1 of 7 simple movements that we strongly believe are vital to functional living and a better quality of life.  If you are new to running, we offer private instruction on the principles of body position, stride rate and economizing transmitting forces.  Our group classes are off site at parks, on the track and sometimes on the trails.  The open environment facilitates a wide variety of running modalities.  From intervals to longer distances, our classes will educate and stimulate runners of all abilities.  All group running classes are offered as part of your membership.

Mobility & Recovery

Mobility & Recovery class is dedicated to helping our students improve the quality of their movement in terms of more fluently controlling their ranges of motion. We believe that regularly improving upon joint range of motion and proficient movement capacity promotes faster recovery times and helps to troubleshoot chronic, unresolved orthopedic pain.

Mobility & Recovery class integrates the principles of Yoga Tune Up®, Kelly Starret’s MWOD®, and Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning®. This class is open to anyone. There are no prerequisites. However, 80% percent of class content is geared toward helping our students improve the positions specific to the movement demands of our group GPP classes.


Breath work is foundational to all the training we do at Oak Park. Our breath classes explore a variety of breath techniques with a focus on restorative breath work. Classes are 60 minutes long during which participants are taken on a guided journey set to uplifting music. Breath Class is open to members and non-members. There are no pre-requisites for attending breath class.



Oak Park youth program offers private training and group classes that are both fun and diverse for kids 5-17 years. We teach kids how to properly run, jump, push, pull and squat in a variety of ways. Students practice proper movement patterns through bodyweight exercises, lifting weights, and develop conditioning through running, rowing and jumping rope.  We break down and slow down movements first to practice, then add intensity when appropriate.  We play games and use teamwork exercises to facilitate connection and allow students work at their own level to build confidence and autonomy.

Triathlon Team

Under the guidance of program director and head coach Jamie Silber, the Tri Team was created to expose CrossFit athletes to endurance events outside the gym.  Over the years, Oak Park athletes have competed in numerous triathlons; from the Sprint Distance to Ironman!  Tri Team is a specialty program that is closed end, ranging from 10 weeks to 6 months depending on the demands of the event.  The program is robust in offering everything from pool/open water swimming, bike and run workouts and all things related to triathlon via clinics and camps.