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What inspires you? What makes you work harder and think bigger when it comes to CrossFit? For me – I’m reminded to think big by the brand new students. It’s SCARY to walk in this place. Maybe you have never seen this kind of equipment before. Maybe you have never done Olympic lifts. Where are the mirrors? Where are the machines? For people to step outside their comfort zone, walk into a gym like none they’ve ever seen, walk into group of strangers and do something that requires, at its core, NOT looking good — that is a big and courageous step. I am constantly re-inspired by the new students that walk in the door and take on CrossFit. Despite any trepidation, they know that something bigger is out there on the horizon for them. For us all!

Jeffy is a brand new student AND an inspiration – his wife, Jackie, has already chosen to join him in this adventure.

Today’s Workout

Pick any two metabolic or gymnastic events and go for a PR!



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