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Monday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Spend 20 minutes on agility drills
For time:
1000m Row
50 Box jumps(24/20)
25 Pull ups

…and coming Tuesday (CAP)
For time:
42 Wall ball (20/14)
21 Pull-ups
30 Wall ball
15 Pull-ups
18 Wall ball
9 Pull-upsI was totally inspired this weekend by the performances of the athletes at Regionals. Really, the level of greatness was completely off the charts! And Team CLFA – finishing in 14th place – a finer group of athletes and human beings couldn’t be found anywhere!

As I drove home from Regionals after an incredibly intense final heat in the individual women’s competition, I started thinking, ‘What’s the difference between inspired performance in an athletic competition and inspired performance in life?” Just because you’re not “firebreather” status and competing at the Regionals, it doesn’t mean you’re not inspiring. Inspired performances happen all around us, all the time, every day… it’s just that usually there’s no one looking, no crowd of spectators or people standing on their feet, cheering. Think about some of the things in your life you’re passionate about… can you recall something you’ve done recently in one of those areas that you would consider a “moment of greatness”, or an inspiring performance that woud have had them (you) on their (your) feet cheering? Things like closing a deal, getting hired for a new job, getting a raise at work, hearing someone say “yes” when they usually say no, seeing your child do what they’re supposed to do when they think you’re not looking, sticking to your diet, helping someone else get through a rough day, being given responsibility for managing an event or group of people for the first time, having an event come off incredibly well, having a day during which you feel nothing but gratitude and love, sharing your deep personal struggles even though doing so feels like it’s going to kill you, making the time to say thank you, telling someone else how much you love them. Anyway, you get the idea.

Inspiration and inspiring performances are everywhere… and if you look long enough, you’ll find that you’ve got ’em too, right in front of your face… in fact, they’re happening all the time, it’s just that you’re not in the habit of stopping to see them. So take the time now. You don’t have to be competing at the CrossFit Games to be inspiring. You are, simply because you’re you.




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