Instinctual Compassion

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I feel, sometimes, if I talk about compassion or treating all creatures well, I might get a reaction along the lines of, “Yea, yea. Beat it, Vegan.” Overly dramatic? Maybe. Accurate, if on a lesser level? Yea, maybe. Maybe more accurate is that it’s expected coming from me.

So, when Mark Semos — the same Mark of SEAL Team Five who checked our priorities at Memorial Day Murph with raw, chilling truth — came upstairs to the office yesterday with a hurt hummingbird cupped in his hands, the scene seemed surreal. He was unflinchingly caring and concerned about the well being of this tiny animal without any self consciousness. He pet the injured bird, which sat on leaves Mark had collected outside to make it more comfortable. And I realized, having heard a few of Mark’s astounding war stories too, he is quite simply A Protector. ┬áHe feels an instinctual duty to protect anyone — anything — that needs it most.

It’s a beautiful quality. And as much as we all admire Mark, I feel we all have a natural, high-level of compassion. Many of us, however, have learned to guard or hide this compassion out an idea of self protection. When I witnessed Mark feel so at ease with this gentler side of his protection instinct, it gave me hope that we could all learn or at least be inspired to draw ours out just a little more without flinching or self consciousness.


Friday’s Workout

3-5 x 2 (~90-95%)

B) Handstand Party
Focus on position

C) 30 Jumping lunges

100m SB Front carry
250m Row

30 Jumping lunges

Saturday’s Workout
“Crush Cancer Saturday’s
Amrap 15
10 power cleans
10 akbs
10 burpees
10 push presses
50 double unders

Sunday’s Workout

Partner Wod
Buy In-2min toes to bar
5 rounds
Partner A:1min Wall Sit
Partner B:1min situps
Rest :30 switch stations
Partner B:1 min wall sit
Partner A:1min sit-ups
:30 rest switch stations
Cash Out:2min toes to bar

Monday’s Workout

A) In 5min:
200m SB Front carry
Max HR Pushups

-2min Rest-

In 5min:
400m Run
Max row for cal

Front squats
1 x 20 (~60%)

Weighted chin-ups
Work up to heavy 5



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