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A) Back Squat on a continuously running clock
Minutes 1-10 are warmup
@ 10 min 10 reps @ 77.5% (or just under)
@ 14 min 5 @ 85%
@ 18 min 3 @ 92%
@ 22 min 1 @ 95% or higher (must make lift)
B) 3x for quality:
2 min AMRAP
Adv: Strict Burpee-chin up – no jumping momentum
Int/Beg: 1 min chin-ups/1 min burpees
:60 rest
:60 Max DU’s
:60 rest


A) For quality, 5 rounds of the following triplet, each round starting on the 2:00 mark:
15 squats
10 TTB
5 H. Sq. Sn @ 45% (or as quality allows)
B) EMOM 7: 2 position Hang Sq. Sn
1 Sq. Sn. from High Hang (above knee)
1 Sq. Sn. from Low Hang (below knee)
*must display reset & regrip ability
C) 5 rounds for overall time- Row-Run drill:
250 row
200 run
:60 rest exactlyYesterday, Becca wrote a blog about intervals as an easy way to get a great workout in when you’re not at the gym.
Intervals are an awesome way to look at managing work and rest. They are demanding, they are controlled, they are pitiless, they are black and white. All you have to do is pay attention to the clock and move when it tells you and stop when it tells you.

Why do them? Because they work. They take you to a threshold, and then give you recovery. Repeatedly.
And then you’re done and you get the big rest.

Have you ever thought about doing intervals with your life?

Once I had to make cold calls for my job. I hated cold calls the way you might hate Franklin Hill sprints. But you do the sprints because you’re on the clock. So I decided I’d do 10 minutes of calls followed by 5 minute breaks. I did that 4 times and then took a 10 minute rest and did it again. It was AMAZINGLY effective. It turned something I hated into a game. I actually wanted to see how many good calls I could do and how fast I could do them in each 10 minute segment. Two things happened: I forgot what I was doing (cold calling), and I got a lot of work done.

Do you ever do that with your training? Could you be that demanding, controlled, pitiless, and black and white?
“I am going to go 2 days, then take a day off, then 1 day, then take 3 off.”
Go when the calendar says “GO” and rest when it says “REST.” No questions.
Try that for a 4 or 6 week cycle. Could that kind of consistency get you a different kind of result?

I’m not suggesting JUST consistency in your workouts, but consistency in your REST. You wouldn’t dream of not taking the rest during hill sprints. Why? Because your body NEEDS it.
Do you think the big picture is any different?

Where in your life do you already have cycles that work for you and where could you use the concept of “intervals” to make a leap to the next level?

Med Ball Mania! #sofun #medballmania #medicineballs #competitionday #crossfit
This workout took balls!



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