Introducing the “Philanthropic Throwdown” Captains

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A) 20 min to complete:
FS 3×3 (+2-5)
3x max single set Chin-ups

B) 3 RFQ:
10 DL @ 65-70%
300m Run
*9 minute cutoff*

C) 4 RFT:
10 Thruster @ up to 50% of part A
10 TTB
*8 minute cutoff*


A) 15 Min – MU work and Ring Rows
knee to sit skills
3×10 ring rows

B) 15 Min for quality load:
1 PS, 2 OHS, 3 Snatch Balance

C) For total score:
3 min row for Calories
2 min rest
2 min max DBSC
1 min rest
1 min max air squat
If you’ve competed with us before in the Crossfit Open (sign up) you know that it can be mixed bag emotionally. Sometimes it’s like a great night out – there’s music, dancing, sweating, screaming at the top of your lungs and the next day you’re walkin’ funny… And sometimes it can bring out excessive anxiety and stress. We’ve decided to zero in on the fun part of this thang-o-thang.

How you ask? Well, we’ve been inspired by the good people at Catalyst Athletics and decided that this year we will divide up CFLA into four intramural teams for the Crossfit Open led by Ross G, Courtney P, Patty and Cerussi. Throughout the open these teams will compete with each other scoring points in four ways (5 points for top team, 4 for second, etc.):
1. Spirit – Teams that bring the vibe get points
2. Attendance/Participation – participate and score for you crew
3. Philanthropy (Aspire Center) – give back and score for your compadres.
4. Performance – (exact score system TBT at Captain’s meeting)

As you can see the objective is rather simple – replace anxiety with participatory fun and service. Odds are, you’ll compete really well in these conditions. At the end of this week the captains will draft their respective teams for this intramural play. Time to come together, smile, laugh, throw down, wear that crazy headband, get silly and go for it.

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