Iron Maven

Today’s Workout

Wendler 5/3/1 Back Squat Day #2
3 x 70% 1RM
3 x 80% 1RM
3+ x 90% 1RM
– 3+ means to continue in reps after five to “not failure” (one rep before failure)
Complete 8 rounds, for time:
12 Sit Ups
12 Push UpsWe spend a lot of time practicing and talking about the Olympic lifts at the gym. A better understanding of the lifts can come from understanding the context of the sport itself. What does competitive Olympic weight lifting really look like? Have you ever watched a meet on television or in person? Like anything else, watching and analyzing the experts in a given field can lead to seeing things differently and a deeper comprehension.

One tool I love for learning about Olympic lifts are the videos produced by Iron Maven. Using a program called Dartfish, the Iron Maven videos show Olympic lifting in slow motion while visually tracking the path of the bar. It is an enlightening way to watch the lifts and see the experts perform. There are a couple dozen Iron Maven videos posted on YouTube.

“Heavy Musings” by Iron Maven

If you liked that video, be sure to check out this equally great one, Defying Gravity, showcasing the women of the sport.

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