Is Crossfit the fountain of youth?

12 months ago I did the Helen.. time was 18:15, horrible, really truly horrible but I was 37 at the time and thought I did my best, I was supposed to feel that way afterwards… ya know, half dead, sucking for oxygen, I thought I was past my prime that I reached in my 20’s and the times of people (Andy, Stanwyck, OPT) were all incredible times because they were all under 10 minutes. I thought there was a fundamental difference in the way they were “built”. That somehow God favored them when he doled out genetics… but as I come to know more about Crossfit and the people and what their history of performance is I begin to see a trend… the older you get the better you do. Now the act of constant training isn’t lost on me. I know you can’t reach a point, take 6 months off, and expect to do better. But haven’t we been programmed to expect that all physical milestones are reached early in life and all we have to look forward to when we get older is a weaker body?

When we recently did the Filthy Fifty I finished at 26:29 and I didn’t know how to quantify that time since it was my first time doing that workout specifically… the only thing I know is I must have done well because I finished midway in the pack of the Petranek Fitness elite (AP, Stanwyck, M’tano, Jeremy, Traver, Chris Devlin) with Andy’s time being 20:something… then he tells me that the last time he did this, 18 months ago, his time was 28:+… and he cut 8 minutes off! So this is promising for 2 reasons: I beat his time (yes!) from 18 months ago and I could look forward to getting better with age.

Here is a video that I found challenging. I hope to do this workout soon.

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