Is There Ever a Time To Ignore Bad Pain?

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A) Hollow Arch Drill
:15:30:45:30:15 of Hollow and Arch Rocks
B) 5x for QUALITY Reps
*Alt movements, score is total reps of each movement
C) EMOM 9: Sq. Snatch
R1-3 70-80% 3 reps
R4-6 80-90% 2 reps
R7-9 90%+ 1 rep
D) 5x for reps:
:30 DU’s
:30 Dips
:30 Rest


A) 3x for Reps
:30 T2B
:30 Rest
:30 AbMat Sit-ups
:30 Rest
B) Back Squat 1×20 (+5)
C) 4x for Total Time
400m Run
:30 Rest
5 PP @ 90% 1RM Strict Press
15 Strict Chin-ups
:30 Rest
*22 minute cutoff Have you ever been working out, in the middle of a run, or completely finished whatever your training is for the day and felt a pain in a joint – knee, hip, ankle, shoulder and wondered, “Where the heck did that come from?”

I went for a 6-miler the other day with a lot of hills. On the run i got a pain in my right foot. When I got back to the house, I took a step up a small set of stairs and my right knee buckled underneath me – with sharp pain. Wha? Where’d those come from? I mobilized hips, knees, and ankles, but continued to notice pain (but less) throughout the day.

I took the next day completely off, then went for a run the following. Felt great. No pain whatsoever.

I have no idea where the pain came from or where it went. Sometimes pain just happens. No explanation. Is it a ligament or nerve out of place that just got aggrivated? Who knows? Sometimes aches and pains just come and go – they don’t actually mean anything… and are great reminders that we’re just human, and our bodies are doing the best they can given the demands we’re imposing on them. And our bodies are incredibly good at healing themselves, given the right conditions.

Question: How well do you know yourself and your body? When’s it right to simply be with the pain and let your body heal itself, vs. going to get it looked at? How do YOU tell the difference?

Gooooooo! #franklinhillsprints #crossfit #howwedo
Any day’s a good day for a hill run.



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