Is There Value in a “Cheat” Day?

Monday’s Workout: TRAINING (no cap)
A) Power Snatch
EMOM 7: 3 reps from ground (drop ok)
B) Muscle Up/Ring Pull: 10 min skill and position development
C) 5 rounds for distance and reps:
:60 row for distance
:60 Rest
:60 Max Muscle Ups/Ring pull reps
:60 Rest

And coming Tuesday: COMPETITION (cap)
Part A (clock starts)
4 rounds for time:
400M run
25 TTB
*at 20 min all athletes must stop.

End of Part A to 25 minute mark, rest

Part B (from 25-40 mins)
Find 1RM Clean and JerkSo I’ve talked about ’em before, even ready about their value in many diet books, including the 4-Hour Body. But I haven’t really, truly experienced a full-on ‘cheat day’… until today. It was my son’s 6-year-old birthday party. We ordered pizza for lunch, and Julia had purchased a cake from Hotcakes Bakes (made famous from winning Cupcake Wars on the Food Network). It was simply too much… two of my favorite foods (pizza and cake), on top of 2 hours of laser tag, go-karting, miniature golf, and little kids running around everywhere, I needed more than just some fruit and carrots to satisfy. And after 4 weeks of no grains, dairy, or sugar, I was ready for a break. So I took it. 4 pieces of pepperoni pizza, 2 pieces of cake (that later that afternoon turned into 3)… and a bowl of ice cream later after dinner.

I don’t feel guilty, at all. Nor do I really feel sick. It was fun, really fun. Totally satisfying… and it’s really funny… now I feel ready for the next 4 weeks of the Whole Life Challenge. What do I take from this? Well, I’m not really sure. Lots of possibilities… like it’s OK not to be perfect (maybe even better), it’s fun to let loose, a little sugar won’t kill you (although we’ll see how I feel tomorrow). What are your thoughts? Have you ever done this while sticking to a diet? Has it worked (enabled you to stay on track for long periods afterward)? Let’s hear your thoughts in comments.

CrossFitLA Image
Tatton – goin’ for it during 13.2

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