Is your smile worth a million $$?

No this isn’t a question to see how many people could be models for a Crest toothpaste commercial.

See, I’ve found the most successful people in the world, both in and out of Crossfit, greet their clients with a smile. Every single time I’ve seen Coach greet someone and shake their hand he has a huge smile. And he’s really busy so don’t use that as an excuse for those (few) people who say they’re got too much work to stop and smile. What Coach understands (knowingly or otherwise) is that his attitude affects the people who count on him. I’ve also seen this same attribute in other people (Chris Lalanne, Andy Petranek, Dutch, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Theil) who are running very successful businesses or just great coaches. If you have met them, don’t you find yourself just wanting to be around these people?

So, do you, or some one you know, need to work on the way they greet clients?

Make this fun… Bet your team (or spouse if you have no team yet) $20 that if they catch you not smiling when greet your people you owe them $20… no questions asked.

Enjoy this video of Zig Ziglar discussing the importance of attitude.

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