It Can Only Be Your First, Once – Triathlon This Sunday!

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Week 10 of 14: PRACTICE

A) For total time:
Run 200
Row 250
:60 rest
Row 500
Run 400
:60 rest
Run 200
Row 250
B) 3 rds on the 5:00 of:
min 1: 5 DL @ 85%
min 2: max reps strict CTB Chin up
rest 3 min

Week 11 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 7 Rounds For Quality (RFQ):
5 CTB pullups
10 squats
15 butterfly sit ups (abmat ok)
B) 5 rds, each for time on the 4:00:
1) 200 run 5 HPC & 5 HSC @ 55% of HPC (or roughly max thruster)
2) 200 run 4 HPC & 4 HSC @ 65%
3) 200 run 3 HPC & 3 HSC @ 75%
4) 200 run 2 HPC & 2 HSC @ 80%
5) 200 run 1 HPC & 1 HSC @ 92%
Sunday is a big day at CFLA. It marks the first time that a group of committed CrossFitters will try out the sport of Triathlon! For most of us it’s our first time, or at least the first time we’ve put these three things together in a competitive environment.

A big shout out to all of CFLA’s athletes who have taken part in this inaugural endurance training program: Charlie, Cheri, Devlin, Naz, Benet, Swong, Cannon, Alex & Tanya, Julio, Cam, Mark Stano, Patty, Kelly, Hemming, Monica, Clayton, Cam, Hacker, Niki, Danette, Jonesy, and yes, even Stanwyck (who’s only real training has been bodysurfing once each week – yea!)

And a BIG, BIG shout out to Coach Jamie – his leadership, patience and kind wisdom over the past 3 months has helped us all get where we are today!

Good luck everyone!! Oh – and it’s a SPECTATOR FRIENDLY EVENT. So if you want to hang out at the beach in the early AM (race starts at 7am), please join us!!

Great turn out for our mini Tri practice this morning! #cflatrishard #tritraining

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