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Ladies and Gentlemen of CFLA, I’d like to introduce to CFLA’s newest personal training client, Patricia!  Pat is 81 years young, and recently had a stroke.  That didn’t stop her from stopping into CFLA a few weeks ago, and talking with me about how she wanted to gain strength.

After the usual post stroke rehab and physical therapy stint, Pat did not gain the strength necessary for her to perform daily functions that we all take for granted, like getting up out of a chair, and pushing yourself out of bed.  She grew frustrated as she plateaued, and needed to try something else.  Her husband told her to give Crossfit a shot. 

I remember the day she walked into the gym doors.  I was training an afternoon class, and I saw an elderly woman walk through the doors, and I thought she was lost.  I gave her my business card and we spoke later that day, and immediately setup our first private training session for the following week. 

At first, I was hesitant about taking her on as a client, as I have never trained someone in that age range, let alone a stroke victim.  I conversed with several coaches, and they motivated me to move forward, and that it would be a transformational experience, not only for Pat, but myself as well. 

Of course, they were right!  Working with Pat has given me the opportunity to slow down, and to work just the basic movement patterns, so that Pat can gain confidence in daily activities.  This experience has made me feel so fortunate that we can express ourselves with movement the way we do, whether it be in a WOD, sport, or in whatever life throws at us. 

Yesterday, Pat’s husband and stepson came into the gym to check out the work that Pat was raving about.  I couldn’t have been more proud and excited to show them the progress that Pat has made since day one, and how she has shifted her mindset from “I can’t”, to “I can”. 

Pat should be an inspiration to us all.  She’s dedicated, ambitious, and has a set of goals that she wants to achieve.  Thank you Pat, for helping me realize how truly luck we all are!

Wednesday’s Workout


  1. A) 4 RFQ

10 Pushups

2 9-yd Plate pushes

10 DB Renegade rows (35/20)

–2-3min Rest between rounds–


  1. B) FQL, working up across sets


Overhead squats

And Coming Thursday


  1. A) 5 RFT

14 RKBS (24/20)

14 KB Russian twists


  1. B) FQ


Squat cleans (60%)

*10 Air squats




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