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Friday’s Workout
For time:
1000 m row
50 thrusters (45)
30 Pull-ups

… and coming Monday
30-20-10 rep rounds for time of:
Overhead Squats (115/75)
Push ups
Pull ups
With a week left before Regionals, it’s time for our team to ease back from training and rest up for the main event – next weekend in Pomona (for details, click here). Team CFLA is going in again as a major underdog, qualifying as the 28th of 30 teams from the Open. Lets see what sort of finish we can muster up this year! Big shouts out to our A team – Shirley, Lacie, Annita, Lindsey, Logan, Danny, Zach; and B Team – Hacker, Will, Ricky, Matilla, Jonesy, Lamar, Niki, Scott, Kevin B, Sam, Stanwyck, Lauren, Anne, Munoz, Danette, Steve W, Nina, Welch, Keith, Courtney, Angie, Tomas, Julia, and anyone else I might have left out that has helped us get where we are today. As you can tell, it really does “take a village”. And last but not least, a big shout out to Kenny Kane – Team CFLA’s coach… who’s helpin’ to keep this whole thing together. No matter how you guys do next weekend, we’re all proud of you… especially in the way you represent CFLA!

Regionals are NEXT weekend… This video should put EVERYONE in the mood. It’s GO TIME!

Big shout out to Travis Gates for the awesome video!



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