It’s Gonna Be Close

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Today’s Workout
6 Max Efforts
Row – 3 minutes for max calories
– Rest 3 min
Deadlift – 3 minutes for max reps (275/185)
– Rest 3 min
L Sit – accumulate as many seconds as possible in 3 minutes
– Rest 3 min
Overhead Squat – 3 min for max reps (95/65)
– Rest 3 min
Max Pull ups – one set
– rest 6 min from start time of pull ups
800m Run – for timeI’ve spent a little time looking at last weekend’s sectionals and what separated 20th place from 21st place – and it wasn’t a big margin. That’s really one of the important lessons I took from the event. Be prepared for a fight – it’s gonna be close. For a good part of the competition I actually was in the exciting position of straddling the line between 20th and 21st and for guys like me – and really that was probably everyone between 15th and 30th – it could have gone either way. And when it’s that close, it’s rare that you can hold anything back. You can strategize to a point, but when it’s that close and you really want it, it’s a risk to take too much for granted. When it’s that close you kind of just have to go for it. I think that goes for a lot of stuff. Identify what you want, strategize a little but don’t assume too much, give it your all and let go of the rest. Because most of the time, it’s just gonna be close.

Greg – not holding ANYTHING back!



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