It’s Just Not Bad Enough… Yet

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“Crossfit Total” In 45 minutes, exactly 15 min per lift.
1RM Press


A) 3 Rounds for Quality (RFQ) :45:15
Ring Row
Strict Ring Dips / Dips

B) 4 rounds on the 2:00
200m Run
2 Jerks (70-75%)Quick – systems check. How many things can you count about yourself in the next 90 seconds that are either a little, or a lot OFF. Pain, injury, faulty movement pattern, tightness, additions to sugar… things that effect your ongoing performance?

I have about 5 or 6 things on my list, including some that I could do something about right away…

The thing is, none of them are really big enough… big enough to do something about. Because if they were big enough, I’d be doing something about them.

You see, these little things don’t really prevent me from doing anything (like a broken leg or gunshot wound might). I can put up with them… and some of them I have, for a very, very long time. And the longer I put up with them, the more engrained and potentially permanent they become. You have tight shoulders like I do? Think they got there overnight? Not a chance. You’re probably doing something today to contribute to their tightness – and you’re probably not doing anything to make an attempt to change this tightness… why, because it’s not bad enough.

Therein lies the rub… how bad does it need to get to take action? Have you really fallen out of health so that your first symptom is going to be a heart attack (and possibly death)? Or, is the first symptom that will force you into action going to be a torn achilles, blown ACL, sciatica, herniated cervical vertebrae, strained hamstring or groin, or rotator cuff tear? Maybe that injury you got or are going to get is your body’s way of forcing you into action to make something big enough, bad enough that you’re willing to actually do something about it.

Think about all the things in life that you put up with because putting up with them isn’t so bad… in fact, it’s easier to deal with them than it is to take any action.

What if… you took action and didn’t wait?

Life might look a whole lot different.



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