It’s Never Too Late

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Today’s Workout

3 rounds for time of:
400m run
500m row
25 BurpeesI had a great time this weekend being off of grains. It was easy – sort of… Easy in the sense that I had no options when it came to breads and starches – no matter what, nothing. For me, when it gets this black and white, it’s easier, much easier than if I were trying to go off one type of grain (like wheat). A couple of really cool things happened… 1. My mind started going crazy trying to figure out what to eat for a snack when I couldn’t eat grain. There are so many other options that I simply don’t ever think of that are suddenly now available, and 2. There are so many things I can eat and drink – wine, yogurt (frozen included), chocolate, cheese, milk, butter, steak, sweet potatoes, fruit and berries, nuts, burgers, french fries and ice cream! Yes. This is totally doable!

By the way… if you were thinking about signing up but didn’t, it’s not too late… you can join in any time. It’s never too late!! Sweet Cheeks

Noah. A former CFLAer is back from his world travels but has left LA and settled in Boston.



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