It’s not over ‘til it’s over

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A) Front Squat
EMOM 8: 2 on min at 80% of 1RM. Maintain weight across.
B) Press Complex
3 rounds for load:
1 Press
4 Push Press
6 Jerks


A) Power Snatch
EMOM 7: 3 reps from ground (drop ok)
B) Muscle Up/Ring Pull: 10 min skill and position development
C) 5 rounds for distance and reps:
:60 row for distance
:60 Rest
:60 Max Muscle Ups/Ring pull reps
:60 RestIt seems to me that every year there is a part of my body that isn’t working — last year my shoulder, the year before my knee. This year it’s my achilles. I often have to hold back on a workout or two, just grab some points with the prescribed to stay in the game and hope that the next workout works for me.

So I did 13.2 and one thing that I knew going in was that there is no way I could do box jumps. I decided to do step ups the whole way through, get a few rounds and call it a day. About 3 rounds in I realized I was actually onto something. My pace was fast and I wasn’t feeling the impact. Round after round, I moved from movement to movement with no rest. What I thought was a handicap opened something up that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Not only did I feel great, I did great. AND, there were several other athletes who decided to do the same thing and they did great as well!

I guess the moral is that we all have moments where we count ourselves out and discredit what we are doing — make it unimportant because it’s “less than” what everyone else is doing — and we might be counting ourselves out too early. The thing you are doing, the question you are asking, the alteration you are making might change the whole game. Watch out the next time you want to count yourself out before something’s even started. Don’t forget, it’s not over ’til it’s over.




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