It’s Okay to Try

Today’s Skill
Mountain Climbers
Bench Dips

Today’s Workout
As many round as possible in 10 min:
30 Single Jumps with a Jump Rope
20 Mountain Climbers (single count)
10 Bench Dips

Today’s Game
Clean the YardOne of the great things about the environment here at CFLA Kids is that it is safe to try things and fail. It’s that way in both the adult and kids classes, actually. It’s pretty hard to learn things if you have to get everything right the first time, but it can feel really uncomfortable and vulnerable to make mistakes. We emphasize the importance of practice and improvement and celebrate successes. There really is NOT a downside to making mistakes and “failing” — as long as you keep trying, you will eventually succeed, and the more you “fail” the more opportunity you have to learn.

Jonny is committed to his broad jump.

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