Wait, again?

Happy New Year! With the outset of 2006, many of you have probably made resolutions about this coming year – including something about your fitness and health. FANTASTIC!

Now comes the hard part – MAKE IT HAPPEN! Don’t let it be one of those resolutions that at the end of 2006 is one you wish you had done something about. In my last Tip, I included the definition of the word ‘wait.” Here it is again, in case any of you didn’t see it, or don’t remember…

“Wait” def. – to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens.

If you have been waiting, try this…

– Pick up the phone to schedule a workout with a friend, your spouse, or your coach,
– Schedule your workout time in your calendar – TODAY
– Get up out of your chair/couch/bed and go for a run.

Do something, anything… anything but wait! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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