Jamie’s Done it Again!

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Jamie Silber, our fearless CFLA Tri Team coach and fellow CrossFit student, has done it again – he has qualified for the 2015 World Championship of Triathlon after competing this last weekend.

I coached Jamie during Monday’s class when we did “Cindy,” and I happened to notice that he still had his race number marked on his calf. Though it was faded and half peeled, it looked glaringly official and important. It reminded me that we have someone truly elite in our midst. What also reminded me was as I observed Jamie cycle through his pull ups, push ups, and squats, everything he did had so much intention. He was not rip-roaring sloppily to rack up rounds. He was trancelike in his mindfulness; mindful of form and of what his body needed in that exact moment, which was not to throw himself against the wall at the cost of his big picture. He is competing in the 2014 Worlds in just three weeks after all. But that’s the mark of a champion – knowing when to hold way back and make sure the practice of form takes precedence and when to put the foot hard on the gas to earn a world ranking in his passion.

We are also loving Jamie’s new podium tradition – showing off his hard-earned squat. Congratulations, Coach Jamie! We love ya!

Here is a blurb of the experience in Jamie’s own words:

If you recall, I was competing at the 2014 USAT National Championships of Triathlon.  Well… I’m please to announce that while I did not have my best race of this season, I did however make it to the podium with a 5th place finish in my age group. It was hot, humid and a very fast field of my fellow age groupers. While this event will qualify me for Team USA at the 2015 World Championships….it was announced shortly after the event, that after several events completed up to this point in 2014, I’ll be ranked 3rd in the nation going into this years 2014 World Championships in Edmonton, Canada in three weeks!!!

Wednesday’s Workout

2 Muscle Ups *
4 Handstand Push Ups
8 American KBS (32/20kg)

Scaling on the MU’s can be bar muscle ups for intermediate athletes or strict pulls and dips for beginning athletes.

And Coming Thursday

“Paul Light”
5 Rounds For Time:
50 Double Unders
35 Knees To Elbow
100m Overhead Plate Walk (45/35lb)




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