Join Me for a Row

Today’s WOD

Wendler Deadlift
Cycle 3, Week 2
(70%, 80%, 90% of 1RM)


3 rounds for time of:
21 OH Walking Lunges (45 plate/25 plate)
12 Ring Dips / DipsIt’s one of those things that I’ve been saying every year I “mean” to do someday. It’s one of those things that to say I am looking forward to it or it will be fun, is not quite accurate. But, it’s also going to be a great way to test myself, hold myself accountable, and have a defined goal and date to work toward. What am I doing? The Long Beach Sprints on Saturday, January 29th.

As described on the Long Beach Rowing Association website: The 2,000 meter race on Concept 2 machines is one of twenty “satellite” regattas held across the United States for which Concept 2 funds up to four “qualifiers” to travel to Boston to compete at the World Indoor Rowing Championships held every February.

Hundreds of people from collegiate rowing programs, indoor rowing classes, and CrossFit gyms all over Southern California get together for this day to challenge themselves to what in the rowing community is a “sprint.” For us, not so much of a sprint, but still a great event and a true challenge. The event has age groups and weight classes and is an opportunity for everyone to see how they stack up out in the world, no matter what your experience level.

Check out last year’s results to get an idea of the age/weight classes and where you might fit in — 2010 Beach Sprint Results

I would love to have some fellow CFLA’ers out there to join me in this race — here is the online application.

And to wrap this up, let me share one important detail — many of you know me as someone who regularly rows and who enjoys rowing. This was NOT the case my first few years of CrossFitting. In fact the reason I chose to dedicate myself to learning how to row and how to coach rowing was because I HATED it. I committed myself to turning a weakness into a strength. So for those of you out there saying “I hate rowing” or “I’m no good at rowing” consider this may in fact be the perfect opportunity for you.


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