Judge, Jury, and Hang-Man

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Friday’s Workout: TRAINING: Cap
A) Back Squat
20 min to find Heavy Single

10 min to find max HSPU

C) 8 rds for time:
50 DU’s

And Coming Monday: COMPETITION: No Cap
Franklin Hill
6 on the 6What is it about the phrase, “No Rep” that is so uncomfortable? I was judging someone last week in 13.3, and in spite of 10 years of CrossFit experience and double that amount of time of coaching, I found myself uncomfortable. In fact, I had a slight hesitation before calling out the number “Seventeen!” a second time. Why? I knew exactly what was wrong (wall-ball squat wasn’t to full depth). I’m thinking now, upon reflection… that there was moment of doubt, of uncertainty, and of fear… of calling it exactly how I see it, fearing that others (the person doing the movement – and the massive world-wide audience of spectators and judgers that my ego-mind had conjured up) would judge me for getting the call wrong. In that split second, between the time the athlete had done an incorrect rep, I had deciphered that it was not a good rep, and started to formulate the words to say. In that pregnant pause that lasted no more than a nano-second, I had created a full-length story complete with the making wrong, judgement and public humiliation of me for saying something that occurred to me initially as correct. As I’m thinking about it now, I can feel the weight of it all. No wonder I hesitated.

I can’t overstate the importance of speaking up when you see a rep that shouldn’t count. Get the words OUT of your mouth. As you start to do it (or do it the first time), it will get easier. Trust me, if you’re anything like me, the power of the imaginary judge, jury and hang-man that you have created in your mind ONLY has control over you if you keep your mouth shut. You break the cycle as soon as you utter a word – the secret is out… there really was nothing to be afraid of after all.

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