Jumping a Rope

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Today’s Workout
Max Effort Box Squat – work up to a heavy single
3 rounds, for reps
Max Reps of Single Unders in 2-minutes
-rest 1-minuteI’m going to make a bold claim. I’ll bet that you can’t do 150 single jump-rope jumps in 1 minute. Does that seem like a lot? If it does then you’re not a skilled jump roper. And why is this so important? And why a post a second day in a row about jumping rope? Well, jumping rope is a skill that we use in CrossFit that assists us with hand/eye coordination, rebounding, elasticity, speed, quickness and agility. It is one of the best things we’ve got for incorporating all those things… and most of you hardly ever practice, and when you do, you’re not building your speed. Why not? It’s one of the easiest skills we have to practice. Do you have your own rope? Do you take it out and practice on your own… for like 10-15 minutes at a time? Do you set an intention for your practice, like learning a new skill, or do you just plod along, doing it the same way you always do? Do you specifically work on building your speed running in place? Did you know that the better you get with multiple patterns, running in place, squat jumping, smokin’ joes, cross overs, and other jumping patterns, the easier double unders get?

Today’s “cookie” is single unders in 2 minutes. A good number in each 2 minute interval is 350-400 singles. If you’re hovering at 150 or less, you know you have a skill that you should be working on every day. Post your best 2 minute effort in comments.




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