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Tuesday’s Workout: TRAINING: Cap
A) Power Snatch
15 min to find heavy single
B) Pull-up
3x max strict pullup
**adv athletes can elect to do max strict MU’s
C) For time and weight 10 min cap:
Row 1k
1 rd. Bear Complex (AHAP)

And coming Wednesday: TRAINING: No Cap
A) Power Clean
15 min to find heavy single
B) Pushups
max HR pushups, maintain rhythm
C) 3 rds.for time on 6:
400 run
%75 of max HR pushup result (part B)
5 PC @ 75% of today’s 1RMHow do you jump back on the wagon once falling off? No easy way other than to jump back on. No one said it would be easy, or that you would like it… especially when it feels like you’re being told what to do. And I find it really amazing how capable our minds are of justifying reasons why NOT jumping back on is both justifiable, responsible, and the smart move… in spite of whatever commitment you made. I don’t know about you, but for me, jumping back on (and this is the same whether it’s in the realm of exercise or diet) feels almost impossible… it has a sort of “why-botherness” to it. What I’ve found works for me is to a) recognize when I’m resisting, b) once recognized, acknowledge it, then c) give it up and just begin.

Last week I was snowboarding all week. I ate large amounts of all sorts of food that was not WLC compliant, and drank like a sailor (for me). I’ve been trying to sell myself the story… the Challenge is almost over… I missed a week, might as well just quit now and put an end to it… eat whatever you want. In spite of all things pulling me that way, today I’m happy to say (not really happy, but satisfied), I’m back IN, logging points as if I didn’t miss a beat last week.

Have you had this happen? What’s the story? Are you going to jump back in? Join me!




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