Jumping Rope with the Greatest

Friday’s Workout
Bring A Friend Day
For time, with a partner:
150 Walking lunges — non-lunging partner holds squat
100 Kettlebell Swings — non-swinging partner holds plank (24/16)
75 Push ups — non-pushing partner holds plate overhead (45/25)
Alternate as necessary
All reps of each movement must be completed before moving to the next movement

… and coming Monday (CAP)
SicFit WOD
6 rounds, each for time:
In 1 min, complete (or get as far as you can)
5 DL (315/225)
8 C2B Pull-ups
120y Shuttle run
-rest 1 min between rounds
I’ve always been a pretty good jump roper… well, it seems like it’s been always. Actually, it was really since 1991, when I spent 9 months aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf on which 33 times around the flight deck was 1 mile. I decided that rather than running around in circles for conditioning, I would just jump rope. And I did – for 25-50 minutes pretty much every day, with that yellow and black beaded rope that many of you have seen hanging in the gym at CFLA.

So when I first started CrossFitting, double unders weren’t that hard for me… and it wasn’t until other people really started pushing the envelope that I challenged myself with them and got up over 300 in a row. Pretty good, right?

I was more than a little surprised last year at the CrossFit Games when a band of jump-ropers got down on center court to do a jumping demo. Surprised because I thought, who would go out on stage to show a bunch of CrossFitters (who already know how to jump rope) something new. I was also thinking to myself… how good could they really be?


YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH TO UNDERSTAND. I’m posting two videos below – the first from the CrossFit Games, and the second of Molly doing 153 double unders in 1 minute (she also has done 10 minutes straight of double unders – over 1,400 in a row). You’ve got to check these out… and if you’ve ever wanted to a) really learn how to double under, or b) refine your technique, you’ve got to come to their seminar at CFLA. Molly and her crew will be here with us on February 2nd – click here for details.

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