Just Because I Can?

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I could drive to San Fran right now

I could buy 10 pizzas and bunch of ice cream

I could ride my bike to downtown LA

I could take a yoga class

I could call my friends on the east coast (it’ll be midnight their time)

I could run a marathon

I could read a book a day(ok, maybe part of a book)

I could have a baby

I could adopt a dog

I could and I can…….. but should I?

This list truly will never end. There are endless things in which I can do. Meaning I have the ability to do them,  whether it be financial, physical or emotional. But just because I can doesn’t necessarily mean that I should. In fact there are many things I think of doing, but I try to be logical and plan and decide what is appropriate for the here and now and looking into the future. Basically deciding where is my energy best spent.

I was in yoga class the other day and my yoga instructor gave us a few options. Inversions mostly, he listed handstands, shoulder stand, plow pose, dolphine or lying supine with feet overhead. He also said that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. I listened carefully that day and decided to give my body what it needed. Yes, I always want to do handstand, but I decided with my tired shoulders from 17.1 that lying on my back with my legs up was probably more of what I needed. A little restorative time for my body.

I encourage you all to continue to be in the now and continue to make choices that support your health and well being. And just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Thursday’s Workout

4 RFQR (30s:30s)
Alt KB Pistols (20/15% BW)
KB Chops*
Erg hops
Row for cal

*Even rounds: Right. Odd rounds: Left.
Strict press
8-8-8 by feel </= 65%

Strict press
70% x 5
80% x 3
90% x 1+

Friday’s Workout

CFG 17.3



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