Just Begin – Part 2

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In a previous post I blogged about my need to Just Begin in order to break my habit of skipping exercise. A similar yet different scenario arose recently that also required me to just begin. To tell you about it, I decided my previous post needed a sequel.

Last week there was one day when I was particularly unmotivated to do any work. Nothing was getting done, it was hard to focus and be productive, and hours of the day slipped away unused. I recalled prior instances of this occurring. In some of those cases, I worked out and immediately afterward felt more energized, focused, and productive. I wanted that reward again, so I went to the 12:30pm class.

It didn’t take long into the class for me to be really glad that I was there. I had a great workout, learned some new things, and enjoyed spending time with the rest of the 12:30 group. Sure enough, after the hour I had renewed energy, my lazy attitude was replaced with a determined one, and I proceeded to get a lot of work done that afternoon.

This is a lesson for all parts of life where you have to overcome barriers to accomplish something. Prepare in advance by identifying previous instances in which you successfully overcame barriers. Take note of how you did it and recognize the positive results of your action. When similar situations arise in the future, recall those memories as a reminder and inspiration for yourself. Then, of course, just begin.

Thursday’s Workout

3-5 Rounds
Multiple depth jumps (Low to high)
–Go only as high as appropriate for safety and quality–

5 1-arm DB Deadlifts (27% BW / 18% BW)
5 1-arm DB Hang squat snatches
–Unbroken rounds–
–Switch arms after each minute–

200m Run
10 Handstand pushups

And Coming Friday

Front squat (Of 2RM + 4-10lb)
80% x 3
85% x 3
90% x 3+

2x 15m Bear crawl
10 Kipping ring dips

C) 5 RFQR (20s:40s)
Row for cal
Thrusters (50%)




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