Just how AWARE are you?

Just how AWARE are you?

Last week, Jade shared with us a bunch of things about self-defense at our seminar at Petranek Fitness. One of the most important things I took away from the seminar was to be both aware of my surroundings and environment (aka – not “HUA” – head up ass) and to be prepared to take the appropriate action – fight OR flight.

My mom sent me this article over the weekend – HUA in action! Check it out! World renown violinist Josh Bell recently spent 45 minutes playing in a subway station. Do you think anyone noticed or stopped to listen? CLICK HERE for the article in the Washington Post. It’s amazing, but it actually takes practice and training to not be so preoccupied by your mind that you miss the opportunities life throws at you right in front of your eyes!

Today’s Workout
60 second sprint on the rowing ergometer
2 minues of easy rowing
repeat 15 times.

Set your computer up for the work/rest interval to keep track for you automatically. Set your mark on the first round for distance. Try to match this each successive interval. This workout will tax your anaerobic pathways while also giving you the aerobic benefit of a 45 minute workout.



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