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Tuesday’s Workout
Ten Rounds
30-sec Extended ring row hold
15-sec transition
30-sec Plank – right elbow/left leg
15-sec transition
30-sec Cobra hold
15-sec transition
30-sec Plank – left elbow/right leg
15-sec transition

… and coming Wednesday
In 35-minutes, work up to a heavy 3 Back Squat
– during this time, complete 3 sets of max reps of deadhang pull-ups (BW+45/BW+15)
With a partner, accumulate 2,000m on the rower.
– effort is ALL OUT
– switch AS SOON AS partner’s split drops from all-out pace
I was doing an incredibly difficult workout the other day… difficult both from the standpoint of it was physically friggen hard, and mentally challenging not to quit. It was EIGHT, 1,000m rowing repeats, with a 1 minute rest interval. Yes, I know… Horrible. And during the WOD I had a very interesting experience, that I can remember having in other super difficult workouts over the years.

In EVERY interval from about the third one through the last, I wanted to quit. I didn’t just want to quit, I was mentally engaged in the conversation with myself about quitting – that there was no way I could finish this round, let alone start another. I did everything possible to take my mind off of it. I did math equations, trying to figure out exactly how long I had in an interval before I’d be finished, I counted strokes, I took short choppy strokes and long smooth ones, I had my headphones on and my iPhone tucked into my sweatband on my wrist – so I sang songs. I even figured out a way to dance – bouncing around on my seat, throwing my arms up into the air like some sort of Richard Simmons crazy person on the rower. In every case, during every interval, the desire to quit DURING the interval was strong and intense… and I would have argued in the moment that there wasn’t a chance that I would do another.

And then… in EVERY rest interval, I convinced myself that I could do – just ONE more. That if I didn’t I was a quitter, and that if it got too hard, I could just slow down. I came up with all sorts of ways to figure out how not to quit. And I kept going. Finishing all eight… and cooling down for another 1,000.

THAT was a breakthrough workout for me. What about you? What was the last breakthrough workout you had, or convinced yourself to keep going even though every ounce of you told you to quit?

I wish there were video to show here – would be pretty funny!



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