Just pour salt in the wound…

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I was talking to someone (I can’t remember who) at the CrossFit Affiliate gathering in Las Vegas about 2 months ago, and we were discussing rips (like the one Chase is showing off below) and the best way to treat them. He was a former gymnast, and he said that hands down the best way is to take salt, and pour it onto the rip, let it sit on it for a couple minutes, wash it off, and let it heal. I thought to myself, Is he kidding, pour SALT on an open wound! No F***in way!

So, about 10 days before our “Angie” Challenge, after doing the “Eva” and with two freshly bleeding rips, one on each hand, I decided to give it a whirl. It was horribly painful for those two minutes. But after I washed it off, all was good. And in less than 8 days, I was almost completely healed! It was the best rip treatment I’ve come across and sets the standard for healing time in my book. So if you can deal with a couple of minutes of stinging, I highly recommend using salt for speedy healing!

Chase shows off his rips

Today’s Workout
5 x 5 Snatch Balance
5 x 5 Deadlifts



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