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Keep It Simple Stupid… yeah, I said it, so what??!?!

I have a feeling, and I could be way off, but with a lot of information going around lately about marketing postcards, business plans, demographic targeting and more it’s easy to lose the point. The reason we do this is to SERVE OUR CLIENTS. The following are the top 9 tips (and reminders how) to help you keep it simple… stupid.

1. Be an AMAZING coach – watch videos, attend community college classes, seek a mentor, go to at least 2 certs a year even if you already have all your certs – get a refresher.
2. Know your clients, not just their name – Understand their P.O.G.O.
3. Start/end class on time – be 5 -7 minutes early to “greet” your clients.
4. Coach appropriately – clients 1-3 months are “children”. 4-6 months are “teenagers” and 6 months or longer are “adults”… don’t confuse one with the other. This doesn’t mean standards but pushing.
5. 10 business cards – have them on you when you leave your house and don’t go home with any left.
6. Enroll – don’t sell, discount or plead.
7. Be your own best billboard – Wear your CrossFit affiliate shirt (God, it better be a fresh one) and look like you are actually a CrossFitter… but don’t try to intimidate so no muscle T’s.
8. Clean Gym – spend $200 a month getting a professional service and between visits train your clients to pick up after themselves.
9. Smile – meeting new people, answering the phone and even coaching. This shit is fun!

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