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If you’ve looked at our upcoming events, you’ve noticed the seminar we’re hosting on September 20th – “Movement, Mobility, and Maintenance.” Sounds really exciting, huh?! Well I want to let you all know about the guy coming down to teach this seminar… Kelly Starrett. Kelly is an amazing athlete – an elite level CrossFitter and strength coach, and a whitewater kayaker (I’m sure other things as well, but these are the things I know). He’s also a Doctor of Physical Therapy… in other words, he knows his sh**! Kelly has an amazing way of taking ordinarily complex concepts regarding joints, mobility, movement, and mechanics, and put them in a way that any of us can understand. On top of that, he relates it directly to CrossFit and your performance, showing you how stretching, mobility and maintenance of your body are key components of improved performance. Rather than write more for you to read about him, I’m including links to some of his videos from the CrossFit site below.

Have you ever been injured, or are you inflexible, have postural issues or muscle imbalances, have chronically tight shoulders, or just want to raise your knowledge and your game? If any of those answers were ‘yes,’ then this seminar is for you!

the Shoulder, Kelly Starrett …[wmv][mov] Hamstring Assessment, Kelly Starrett (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov] Stretching is Dead, Kelly Starrett (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov] Trunk Strength, Kelly Starrett…[wmv][mov]

Grand Opening Pix 002
Heat #6 getting ready at the “Jackie” Finals

p.s. – Remember our “Elizabeth” Challenge? Devlin made a great video for it – and it’s featured TODAY on crossfit.com

Today’s Workout

Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps



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