Keep On Going!


Body Weight “Fight Gone Bad”
A. Strict Pullups
B. Double unders
C. Squat
D. Hand-release pushups
E. Sit to stand
Workout consists of 3, 5 minute rounds. In each round, the athlete performs
each movement for 1 minute, accumulating as many reps as possible, before
moving to the next station. After completing all 5 stations, there is a 1 minute
rest before starting the next round.

You may begin at any station in the workout, but take note! You will want to
start at the same station when you repeat the test. It matters!

Compare to CFLA Whiteboard results from 5/3


In teams of 4 complete the following for time, 2 people working at a time:
Deadlift 20,000# (Int), 22,500# (Adv), 17,500# (Beg)
300 sit ups
Front Squat 7,500# (Int) 10,000# (Adv), 5,000# (Beg)
Shoulder to overhead 5,000#(Int), 7,500# (Adv), 3,500# (Beg)
150 pull ups
Run 1 mile
Things are going to get tough. They really are. You’re going to get scared. It might not feel like fear in the moment, but it is.

We all tend to get paralyzed by fear – we stop moving, quit, give up, freeze, go home, decide we can’t do it. When the going gets tough… I mean really tough… it’s so easy to just let fear stop us in our tracks.

I was reminded of this on Wednesday when I went for my 6am swim with Tower 26. We had received an email the night before telling us that the conditions were going to be rough… to expect big surf. My sphincter tightened… it’s one thing to hear about big waves, quite another to know you’re going out in them.

That morning didn’t disappoint. I had had success all morning going in and out, through some really big stuff… with a pretty strong rip current as well. I was swimming back in for my last trip through the ‘action zone’ when I felt the ocean rising up underneath me, and while looking out at the beach, seemed to lift up at least 30′ (in actuality it was about 10′) while looking down on all the swimmers in front of, and now beneath me. For a few seconds, I distinctly remember thinking – OK, what in the hell do I do now? I’m F***ed. I can’t make it through that… I don’t want to die (this was a very very short thought, but it was there none-the-less). How in the world am I going to make it back in?

I also remembered in those few seconds what Coach Gerry had said at the beginning of the workout. Fear is a good thing – it gets you prepared for action, and lets you know that you need to pay attention. And, when you get scared and freeze, just swim. Just swim. Just swim. Just swim. OH… JUST SWIM!

So swim I did… heading toward the beach, through the dark, sandy, muddy water… and wouldn’t you know it… all of a sudden I was in, past the breakers, without any problems whatsoever.

Great training and reminder both for sport, and for life.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going!” Winston Churchill

CrossFitLA Image Photo Credit: GoShiggyGo

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