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I’m not sure if you experience this but if I haven’t trained for a small period of time, something nominal like 2 days in a row, my body feels different. I’m sluggish, not as light in my step, kinda out of it. I find this also happens when I don’t train my brain by reading something of substance. Now I don’t believe you have to be enrolled in something like a Masters program in applied math to get your mental workout. However I feel that if you’re constantly reading easily digestible content and nothing else it’s probably like a diet of McDonalds all the time. This isn’t necessarily a problem with what we choose to read, although that does need to be addressed. Sometimes I find having too many choices (tv, internet, Playboy) distract me when I do have time to read.


Choose one of these books to read within the next month. THE E-MYTH, GOOD-TO-GREAT, FIRST, BREAK ALL THE RULES, THE DIP, PURPLE COW, RAVING FANS.

If you have read all of these then you could email me and I will give you another couple of choices.

Enjoy this clip of Seth Godin:



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