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Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) – 7.5
A) AMRAP 10 min
3PC, not greater than 45% of 1RM
15 Squat
100m run
-2 Min Rest-
B) AMRAP 10 min
3HSC, not greater than 45% of 1RM
15 Butterfly abmat situps
100m run
C) Death by STRICT pullups


A) EMOM 5 min. Sq. Sn
R1 – 5 @ 60%
R2 – 4 @ 65%
R3 – 3 @ 70%
R4 – 2 @ 75%
R5 – 1 @ 80%
B) 3x AMRAP 2:1
5 Burpee
25 DU
*start each AMRAP where left off…
What’s it feel like to CrossFit at 75%? Ever done “Helen”, “Fran”, or “Cindy” and purposely held yourself back, only gone at 3/4 speed?

Something that you rarely hear about in the CrossFit world is developing your capacity at sub-maximal intensities. But in any sport that makes use of the oxidative energy pathway (aerobic metabolism), developing this capacity is important for continued growth. It allows you to focus on form, develop capacity at different speeds, intentionally, and delivers beneficial training in a way that doesn’t leave you devastated. Yes – you can train at 75% maybe even get away with calling it recovery (or slightly above recovery).

Check out the video below – this week is all about keeping your RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) below 7.5 (75%) at all times during workouts. It’s going to feel different. Strangely good. In fact, contrary to the way you might normally feel after a WOD, you should leave the gym feeling really awesome, fresh, and ready to take on the day!



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