Keeping up with New Year’s Resolutions…? by Jared Cohen

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Guest blog by Jared Cohen. Don’t forget to check out the new site. We’ll be transitioning completely soon.

As we approach February, New Year’s Resolutions can start to lose their allure.

Aside from getting further away from January 1st, realizing resolutions can fail because they are “pressure oriented”. “Pressure oriented” decisions can be both externally and internally generated.

External examples involve: Feeling pressure to achieve a reward or avoid punishment.

Internal examples involve: “I should” or “I have to” in order to maintain self-worth or avoid feeling guilty

“Pressure oriented” motivators can initiate and effectively jump start behavior change. However, they will NOT support the maintenance of those behaviors. On the contrary, when your needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness are being met it is because you are driven to act based on what you perceive to be of value, interest, and enjoyment.

  • Ask yourself: Are my resolutions personally relevant and meaningful? “When people deeply value the behaviors they are engaging in, they feel interested and energized and are more likely to actively engage in those behaviors without even being prompted” (La Guardia, 2017, p. 18).
  • Ask yourself: Are my resolutions realistic? Who can help me grow the skills/abilities that are the focus of my resolutions? How will I measure my growth?
  • Ask yourself: Do my social circles support my pursuit of growth unconditionally? If not, how can I adjust my environment in ways that are increasing my interactions with family and friends that help me to feel close, connected, and valued?


Tuesday’s Workout


For time:

30/20 cal on bike



-OHS (65/45)

-Pull ups


Wednesday Workout


A) Running Skill Session


100m Single-Arm KB Suitcase Carry (Left)

100m Single-Arm KB Suitcase Carry (Right)

10 KB Rotational Clean (Left)

10 KB Rotational Clean (Right)

10 Offset Push-ups (Left)

10 Offset Push-up (Right)

10 Alt. Pistols w/ KB




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