Keeping the Force of Running Out of Your Joints

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A) DE Squat EMOM 8

B) 10 Min Pistol practice
10 Min Rope Climb practice

20 Situps
10 DB Thrusters @ 35-40% of 1RM


**See results 2/22**Running is something we just go out and ‘do’, right? If you were walking back to your car with a friend and he said, “I’ll race you back to the car,” you’d just go… no thinking, just ready, set, RUN!

Heck, that’s what I did… for the first 30 years of my life. No thought about running ‘form’… never even crossed my mind.

But here’s the crazy thing. Every time your foot strikes the ground while you’re running, a vertical force approximately equal to 2.5 times your body-weight is transmitted through your body. EVERY FOOT STRIKE!

So for me, that means a force of 440 lbs every time I land… and if I 80 steps in a minute and run for 20 minutes, that’s a heck of a lot of pounding (3,600 foot strikes in a 20 minute run!).

How your body deals with that force – that is the real question! And for the untrained runner, chances are great, with modern day running shoes, that you’re not using the naturally effective, biomechanically advantageous structure of you body to dissipate those forces before they get transmitted directly to your bones, soft tissue and joints. What I’m trying to say here is that HOW your run – your form – really DOES matter. Maybe not today or tomorrow… but over the course of many miles and months and years.

Take the time to learn and practice good form (here’s a recent artice from… if you are running with good form (what I call barefoot technique – landing in the balls of your feet, keeping your hips open, your center of mass slightly in front of your base of support, using elasticity, and maintaining a good rhythm and staying relaxed ), you’ll go a long way toward fending off long-term overuse injuries… keeping your feet, ankles, knees, hips and your psyche happy and healthy for years to come.

Early morning run. #WeTalkinBoutPractice #running PC: @chilib6
Steve G. – getting ready for the LA Marathon coming up in March.



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