Keeping the Time

Keeping the Time

If you’re taking part in our “Tabata This” Challenge, you might want to have a Tabata timer at your disposal for your training at home. We sell a great little pager-like stopwatch that hooks to your shorts and rings and buzzes (so you can feel it even if you’re listening to music) at the end of each round. It’s called a Gymboss, and for $20, you can’t get a better stopwatch/timer (check our eStore to purchase.) If you’d like a free Tabata timer that you can run on your computer screen, you can try either one of these two options:

Ben… with gusto!

Today’s Workout

Squat Ladder – 45 pound bar
With a continuously running clock, complete one squat in minute one, two squats in minute two, three in minute three… continue in this fashion until you are no longer able to complete the required number of squats within that minute.
Advanced Version – rounds 1-10 – overhead squats; rounds 11-20 – front squats; rounds 21+ – back squats

Day 95
Burpees done to date: 4,560
Burpees remaining: 490



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