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CrossFitLA ImageKenny Kane grew was raised in fitness. The house he grew up in was literally less than 50 yards away from the his family’s business: a fitness club. Working out, playing sports and constant movement were not just part of life – it was life as a child. With a mom in the Swimming Hall of Fame, a grandfather that was the president of the AAU and a father that was an official at several Olympics, Kenny was exposed to innumerable Olympians from a variety of sports throughout his life. Although his mom was a world class athlete she is an even better coach. She has an insane knack for diagnosing human movement and improving it. Furthermore she taught Kenny early on that sport can teach some of the most important qualities in life: hard work, confidence, breath and mind control, discipline, honor, camaraderie, sportsmanship, dealing with success and failure. His family set the stage for a lifetime of athletics, performance and fitness.

At 15 Kenny earned his Black Belt while simultaneously becoming an instructor. As a sophomore, he was often teaching adults twice his age. In this environment he learned quickly to hold his ground and command a room despite lack of age and or life experience. He captained his high school soccer team and was a two-time, all-state soccer player for the Olympic Development Program. At 17, he started teaching himself hip hop by recording “Yo-MTV Raps!” and repeating every step he saw the. Somehow, in addition to doing all of this and being Student Body President, he completed two triathlons before graduation.

The university years were just as busy. At UC Davis, he played soccer, continued doing triathlons to “stay in shape,” and danced in hip hop shows. He also started track by walking onto the team (without any significant track experience) and running under legendary coach Dee Vochatzer, the ’96 US Olympic Coach. During his time at Davis he helped start the UC Davis Aggie Pack. The goal of the Aggie Pack goal was simple: Get people to athletic events and have fun once they are there. Upon graduation Kenny was awarded the Chancellor’s Award of Merit, given only to the top 5 graduates of the class. After graduation he led the Aggie Pack to became the largest student spirit organization in the country with over 5,000 members. (To this day, professional teams and NCAA programs across the country mimic Aggie Pack methods from the early and mid 90‘s.)

From Davis, Kenny went on to to teach Physical Education and Drama at a school in his hometown. He moonlighted by continuing a decent post collegiate running campaign competing for both the Nike Farm Team and the Reebok Aggies. This is also when he started stand up comedy in the bay area. 2-3 training sessions a day, teaching kids how to move and perform and learning the art and craft of stand up made for a full life – perhaps too full. After 3 years of teaching he was recruited back at UC Davis for a job in Athletic Promotions that seemed perfect on paper. However, 80 hour work weeks, over-training for the Olympic Trials, total lack of sleep all led to a career ending running injury (torn plantar fascia). As a mentor once taught him: “Breakdown leads to breakthrough…IF you let it.”

Kenny broke through, switched gears and pursued stand-up because it was the hardest thing he could think to do: Develop an hour of material, polish it and go headline. Through the 2000‘s Kenny toured the country and world performing stand up. Additionally, he gave motivational talks to high schoolers, college students, and business types about taking the risks to do the things you love. Kenny loved stand up because it is so much like a sport – you prepare for thousands of hours for just a few moments of precise execution, timing, and fearlessness. If you aren’t in the moment you get torn up… If you are in the moment you are unstoppable.

Teaching people to be in the moment with body and mind is what makes Kenny Kane a great Coach. He knows from a lifetime of experience succeeding and failing as a performer and athlete just what it takes to commit one’s whole being to something – to truly go for it. He was born to coach. He has trained Olympians, NBA players, Premiere League soccer players, A-list celebrities, CrossFit Games athletes, 9-5‘ers. He has created and run several kids fitness programs, coached an adaptive athlete to compete with able body competitors, was a trainer for The CW’s “Shedding for the Wedding,” instructed thousands of hours of hip-hop and martial arts; holds multiple certifications and is a graduate of SealFit’s Kokoro Camp. All of this experience has led to the creation of “The Kenny Kane Training Methodology”: a mind-body training protocol designed to blend the physical and mental demands of training for designated performance outcomes. A lifetime of competing, performing coupled with thousands of hours of teaching a huge variety of things to a huge variety of people make Kenny Kane a unique master coach.

Since January of 2013, Kenny has used his methodology and programming to the betterment of CrossFit Los Angeles.

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