Kid in a Candy Store

Kid in a Candy Store

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Bodyweight or Metabolic – Up to 3 for the leader boardSo I’m not quite sure what the deal is, if perhaps because it rains so much of the year up here and people are stuck indoors for months at a time they have nothing to do but repeatedly lift up heavy things, but I have recently discovered two phenomenal weightlifting gyms here in Portland. One is strictly an Olympic lifting gym and the other is strictly a powerlifting gym. And I — I am a bit of a kid in a candy store at both facilities.

I am having a great time learning new things and just being a student again for a while. I am learning all about different programming philosophies, learning new movements and techniques, and playing with lots of new “toys.” (Seriously, you should see what they do with rubber bands and the contraptions they’ve welded together at this powerlifting gym.)

Here are the two gyms I’m talking about – both have some great resources if you dig around on their websites:

PDX Weightlifting (Olympic Weightlifting) –
Elite Performance Center (Powerlifting) –

It is highly likely I’m going to do a whole training cycle at the power lifting gym and do a competition, so I will keep you all up to date as that unfolds!




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