Monday News – Welcome Back!

Today’s Skill

Today’s Workout
400m row
20 front plank-rear plank twists
20 sit ups
300m row
15 front plank-rear plank twists
15 sit ups
200m row
10 front plank-rear plank twists
10 sit ups
100m row
5 front plank-rear plank twists
5 sit ups

Today’s Game
2-3 Attempts to get on leaderboardHello everyone and welcome back from the holiday break. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays…and also squeezed in a few squats and situps amidst the holiday food and festivities! I am looking forward to seeing who of our CFLA Kids Students fulfilled on their CrossFit “Holiday Homework” commitments for the break. They all made some great choices in what they were committing to, and I have a feeling they did a great job!

Grace and Austin – friends who CrossFit together.

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