Critical Thinking

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Today’s Skill
Tuck Jumps, Box Jumps, and Wall Ball

Today’s Workout
3 Times Through the Circuit, 30 seconds on each station:
Wall ball
Box jumps
Push ups
Pull ups

Today’s Game
“Egg on a Stick” Relay RacesIf I told you to look at a pile of objects, memorize their placement, and then pick them up, move them, and rebuild them as fast as you could — could you do it? Could you work with a partner and communicate effectively enough to make this happen smoothly? Effective communication and quick critical thinking and useful skills to have in life, and fantastic skills to bring to a school or workplace. Our kids program uses exercise as the tools, but what we teach kids is teamwork, discipline, communication and leadership. Those are skills that have a long lasting life outside the gym.

Mack and Jane work together to build and move a fort.



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