The Vestibular System

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Musical Medicine BallsWhat is the vestibular system and what does it have to do with your child and CrossFit? You may have heard of the vestibular system in terms of your inner ear, but it is also a major contributor in your child’s ability to move, balance, coordinate their limbs, and also, this may come as surprise, their ability to learn. You child needs the vestibular system to look back and forth from a chalkboard to paper and copy things down effectively. Links have been drawn between vestibular system dysfunction and learning disorders. So, how do you develop the vestibular system? By exposing your child to movements like the ones CrossFit incorporates, from the early age. This includes, jumping, spinning, and going upside down.

To learn more about the importance of the vestibular system, read this article.

Jack goes upside down.



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