Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Word of the Week – “Interval”
What is an interval? What is an example of an interval?

Today’s Skill
Review of Sumo Dealift High Pull, Front Squat and Push Press

Today’s Workout
100m Run
4 tabata intervals each of:
Front Squats
Sumo Deadlift High pull
Push press
100m Run

Today’s Game
CrossFit Tic-Tac-ToeSumo Deadlift High Pull sounds complicated, but just like sounding out a new word, if you break it into pieces, it is not so hard. Sumo means to stand with your legs wide and toes pointed outward — like a big bad sumo wrestler! Deadlift means you are lifting the weight from the ground, and high pull means the weight finishes up at your collarbone, with your elbows pointing toward the sky. Put it all together and it means lifting the weight from the ground to your collarbone in one big explosive movement.

Sarah has fun working on her sumo deadlift high pull.

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